A hardcopy sound documentation project held at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London. The project considers its protagonist as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. A significant focus put specifically on sound and analysing urban environments through sound.  
Throughout the experiments and investigations, 428 site-specific recordings captured, each last 60 seconds. While digging the big data, mostly gathered by the team, and visualizing it through the means of computation, we figured out that, each recording point have their own fingerprints called spectrograms. The spectrograms are digitally generated images containing multiple data of a sound element. The X-axis describes the time, Y-axis describes Frequency and the depth (brightness/colour) describes the amplitude/ power (dB). These multi-data elements brought many new topics onto the table. From our perspective, each specific location, time and happening in the entire history of the universe has a unique sound. 
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