Two Strokes Along East London
A research study investigating ways to calculate and simulate unseen and unpredictable effects of public transport in a condensed urban context.
Sound Mapping QE Olympic Park
A sonic case study on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, aiming to reveal the sonic clustering of the site through hundreds of field recordings.
Soundscape of the Anthropocene
Master's thesis of Alican Inal conducted at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. 
Computational Urbanism
Computational Urbanism is a digital and contemporary approach to masterplanning, seeking data-driven form-finding methods in urban design.
Sound Mapping Atelier 01
A soundscape study to reveal an unseen layer of acoustics within an internal environment.
Propagation Studies
A set of digital simulations and data visualisations focusing on how sound travels in different mediums and how it interacts with different substances.
Vigilance Pavilion
An ever-evolving geometrical device that transmits happenings, events and occurrences by means of sonic principles.
Fingerprints of Soundscape
A hardcopy sound documentation project held at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London.
Rare Possibility of Seeing Soundwaves
An experimental approach to sound studies. The project explores a universe where human perception is capable of seeing soundwaves.
Sonic Identity of 51.54608 N 0.027427 W
A self-motivated project aspiring to reveal the vast amount of sonic data that can be gathered from a single coordinate on Earth.
Vocabulary of Visions
A hardback book of terms, terminologies, concepts, meanings and taxonomy. 
Tri/Hexa Pavilion
An experimental design investigation for a pavilion inspired by the principles of Shape Grammar.
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