The body of "Propagation Studies" work consist of a set of digital simulations and data visualisations focusing on how sound travels in different mediums and how it interacts with different substances. The objective of the study is to consider sound as an entity on its own and embrace its emergence through more inclusive approaches.
In 1977 Schafer stated that we should do more in the future than just turning down the volume. “Noises are the sounds we have learned to ignored“. he wrote and continued by mentioning that our noise pollution strategies today mostly rely on negative approaches, where we should seek more positive environmental acoustic programs (Schafer, 1977).
The work of Schafer followed by many researchers including Ingold, arguing that soundscape approach starts to objectify sonic elements, rather that considering them as experiential artefacts. (2009) According to Ingold, sound is our shared language with our voiceless environment which we blend occasionally. Therefore, the soundscape provides the platform for this communication (Ingold, 2009). ​​​​​​​
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