The Vigilance Pavilion is an ever-evolving device that transmits happenings, events, occurrences and etc by means of sonic principles. It transforms its shape according to frequency and amplitude levels of a soundscape on a specific time and space. A space which is different than its own location. Hence, it creates a geometrical representation of a remote existence on its own shape and being.
Our sonic environment within the Anthropocene epoch has a key role in the investigation and understanding of our human existence and relationships with our surrounding. Thus, it takes an evolutionary path throughout the Anthropocene. The evolutionary timeline initiates with rural settlements and expands till the post-digital world, our modern world. A world where data is the main language of communication and transmission.
By the force of logarithmically increasing capacity to process data, conventional digital methods start to become more outdated each day. So this persuasion of brand new communication methods leads us to look for methods not only triggers our visual senses but also be perceivable with multiple senses. (Hookway 2014)
Physical and digital maps, CAD models, infographics and so on can be considered as conventional digital representation tools. They are means of visual/visible narrating.  Though, present cities have enough complexity to provoke the usage of tactility, audibility, edibility as additional or even substitutional means to perceive and narrate/represent big data. This is the extensive and primary outcome of the human’s shifted role in gathering, computing and expressing the urban data.
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